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Apple Star

After searching the internet for information behind the design left in an apple when you cut it crosswise, this is what I came up with:
*One of the Czech Xmas customs is to cut an apple in half -crosswise - and look at the shape that the pips form - if they form a star that is considered a sign that you will be healthy and happy in the coming year.
On the other hand a cross means trouble ahead.
*If an apple is cut in half, crosswise, the seeds resemble a star; a five-point star. In Christian symbolism a five-point star represents the Star of Bethlehem. Five points also represents the Crucifixion.
*Pentacle: The pentacle is a 5 pointed star. The pentacle is the symbol of many things. It is the symbol of woman, the elements, and many other things. The pentacle is found in many places in nature. Many flowers have only 5 petals, an apple cut crosswise shows a pentacle. (Wiccan Religion).
In the hand of the Empress we see an apple cut crosswise to reveal the five pointed star inside it. The apple is a very ancient symbol for the Goddess. It was a nurturing fruit whose five-petaled flower also bore her representative star. The apple is an ancient symbol of fertility and love. It was often symbolic of marriage, which presumably led to children. (Tarot Card).
I also found a lot of tempting apple recipes!  

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July 7 2007, 14:58:54 UTC 9 years ago

Did you find the secret door to Narnia as well? Let us know when you find THAT one...


July 9 2007, 15:13:04 UTC 9 years ago

did anyone find a greek/roman myth relating to the star in the apple? i thought a myth was mentioned in class, and there's lots relating to apples but none that i can find relating to that star shape.
I found this as well, what it means I have no idea...

Hoosiers used to rely on the natural bee population in the woods, but growers could suddenly find themselves with almost no apples or with deformed apples because the apple is in the rose family and has five little carpels. All five have to be fertilized.

"The five little black seeds in there are in a star shape. If you fertilize only three out of the five, you wind up with an apple that looks like somebody smashed it with their fist when it was developing. So you need absolutely perfect pollination for an absolutely perfect apple," he said.

Also found a lot about cutting the apple in half & using it for kids activities. Other than that, nothing else really different than what has been posted.