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Assignment: #5?

Katelyn sits anxiously awaiting a pre-boarding call. She does this fairly often: waiting to

board a flight. Today is different then the other days. Today she is working her first international

flight. Destination: Rome. She knows Italian classes pay-off in the long run. Overhead, muffling

through the rusty, dilapidated boxy-speakers, a sound emerges like that of a chicken being

plucked feather-by-feather; loud then faint. It’s John Denver. The song cuts in and out, echoing

the departure lounge. Katelyn manages to decipher the words: Rocky Mountain High. Then, a

CNN news headline from childhood burts into her mind: "John Dever Dead: Plane Crash."

Katelyn, still deciphering the rustic sound, like that from an ancient record player, hears a faint

voice cracklein over the disintegrating intercom; A short, fat, ragged, grey-haired women

mumbles out the long-anticipated pre-boarding call. No need for announcements in a

second language here: Pikatoe County Regional Airport. Her eyes, black as the beads suspending

her out-dated glasses to the tip of her oily noise, glance Katelyn. As she boards, Katelyn catches

the lady’s voice: "Have a good flight, ya hear’?" Katelyn begins to crave for a

cigarette, wondering if her own voice will someday sound as smoke ridden as the ugly ticket-


The twenty-four seat, Continental Express, commuter plane sails down runway one,

lifting into the orange-red evening sky. She remembers the old phrase "red sky at night sailors

delight" and assures herself of the safe trip. Looking out the scratched oval window, Katelyn

sees her aunt Bessie’s farm; instantly she is stricken with fond memories. Memories of the cows

and baby cows. Memories of Pilot, her Irish Setter. Memories of the grass. Memories of Allan.


The propeller engines, muffling worst than the old John Denver record back in the lounge,

manages to cradle

Katelyn into a semi-conscious sleep.

(This is a piece of fiction, centering on character Katelyn and her life and struggles of dealing with emotions, family, friends, and a high-risk job. This is a mature piece of fiction, intended for readers 18+. Suspense / Drama).


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