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Assignment due June 12

Write one page of a story that you consider interesting enough to live with, deepen, and edit for at least three weeks. Do not write it from the beginning. Write a scene from somewhere in the middle. This page-long scene should be an intense fragment.  It should not be complete in itself, but should be part of something larger.  It should have an unfinished quality.  It should have a magic that might lead anywhere. Maybe you will want to turn it inside out later, or have it lead somewhere unexpected.  This is an open-ended beginning.

To decide what your story might be, do the following:
Go over your notes from our class of June 5, particularly notes on where story is.
Go through your notebook if you like. (last week's assignment)
Go through your experience, memory, or imagination.
Before you write, jot notes, list ideas, think about your story while you are doing other things.  Ask what if it went in this direction.  Ask what if it went in that direction. Be open-ended. 

When you begin to write, write at least one draft in complete freedom. Then clean it up, using everything we have discussed so far about what makes a good piece of writing. Hand in the clean draft.

At the end, in brackets, write a few sentences about where you think this piece might lead.

The text, not including the end brackets, should be one full page, double spaced, size 12 font.

Fiction and creative non fiction are acceptable.

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