kathleen winter (kathleenwinter) wrote in etwentyten,
kathleen winter

Live excerpts from May 29 assignment

My lips and face dry out from the pressure of the wind forced on me by the cars whizzing...

His arms are covered with tattoos of large-breasted women, snakes and religious symbols.

I wonder why her hands and face do not match in age.

They came to the hospital uninjured, but now they are wounded.

...the massive excavator at my side obnoxiously taking over and throwing mud and rocks...

...old lazy cows slumping in the cool grass...

...doors freshly stained a cherry colour. The gold doorknob glints in the sunlight.

He drags out a wrinkled but pristine Kleenex and begins to wipe those glasses without even removing them from his face.

...salt stains that run in and out of the black (sneakers) like aurora borealis.

...orange Kool-Aid stains around his lips...

They stuff their own food in their mouths...

I just got here but do I ever want to turn around and leave again.

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