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Assignment #3 Revisited: "Where am I?"

Where am I?

The road is long, dark, twisted and narrow. Only the elite live here. There are families of four eating food at their dinner tables– which could probably sit twenty– I can see them from the roadway. What are they are talking about? What are they eating? Could it be caviar? They seem happy, that’s for sure. A Mercedes Benz E-Class, Land Rover Discovery, Toyota Sequoia, Cadillac Escalade, and countless other luxury machines dot the driveways like sprinkles on a kids birthday-cake. Do they think about the pollution these vehicles emit? An expensive vehicle is a way of showing your rank in society, having a Land Rover, Range Rover edition, places you in the same vehicle category as Jennifer Anniston and Paris Hilton you know. Meh! I’ll just peddle faster!! Ah, depression. Have you ever want what you can’t have? Wait, an outdoor-pool. Yes! A huge turquoise water-slide. I can see it through the newly sanded picket fence. Wait! What will it be like in the summer? Maybe the kids here have giant pool parties with their friends, you know, parties with those tacky yellow, pink, and orange curvy floating devices. I once got a bad burn from lying on one of those for too long in the summer of 97'. I can’t tan anyway. I just freckle and burn. I would love to lounge on one of their cozy-looking wicker chairs though. What do they think about, sitting there in the sun for countless hours, do they dream about world peace, or the environmental crisis? Maybe they are like me, maybe they lounge there thinking about fame and fortune. Do they wear sunshades while tanning? I wish I had a pair of Jackie-O’s, and a waterbed. Random dreaming. Maybe they think about white-sand beaches, like in Italy or the West Indies; Maybe they think about beaches lined with Mediterranean-style villas. Villas with huge floor-to-ceiling windows. Maybe they dream of white-washed villas overlooking the Greek Isles. White-washed homes intricately structured into the cliffs of Greece. What a view! Look! It’s a Smart Car, you know, the kind in a James Bond flick. The Environment Minster is driving it. Sad. I waved at least. It’s starting to get cold, I’m going to peddle home.

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